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Commercial Bonds Insurance

Keep your business rolling with Rolland & Associates Insurance

Every business is different. That’s why Rolland offers customized business auto and fleet insurance to meet your specific needs. 

Have a fleet of sales vehicles?

Depending on how you use your fleet, you may need different coverages for different vehicles. From that new truck logging highway miles to an office car used for occasional trip for office supplies. 

Rent vehicles in busy seasons?

When you’re growing your business keeping up with demand can be a challenge. An extra set of wheels can come in handy when you land that big project or hit the busy season. It's important to remember that even these vehicles will need protection.

Have employees using personal vehicles for business?

If an accident happens...your employee's personal auto coverage might not cover all the damages and your business could be held responsible for part of the bill.

Make sure you’re covered

Protecting your business autos is like protecting your personal autos – only there’s more to protect.


Business Auto insurance covers you when…

  • Accidents happen

  • Equipment you’re transporting comes loose and causes damage to the vehicle behind you.

  • Driver error will need to involve legal counsel.