What You Need to Know About Comprehensive, Collision, and Towing Insurance Coverage for Automobiles

Like the legal field, the world of insurance is replete with terms that can leave you confused.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation and are keen to understand what comprehensive, collision, and towing insurance coverage is all about, and whether there are similarities or differences between them, you’re in the right place.

This post will throw more light on these auto insurance types to help you understand which is suitable for your needs.

Let’s get started!

Comprehensive Insurance

You’d be forgiven for thinking comprehensive insurance is inclusive of all your auto coverages. Because let’s face it - the word 'comprehensive' can be pretty misleading.

Comprehensive insurance is coverage that pays for the repair and the purchase of a new car if the damage or loss is not caused by a crash.

For example, if a fire razes your car to the ground, a thief makes away with it, or your car is swallowed in an earthquake, as long as it is not damaged by a collision, you’re protected by comprehensive insurance.

Damages caused by the following are covered by comprehensive insurance.

  • Vandalism & Theft

  • Fire

  • Earthquakes

  • Falling objects 

  • Flood

  • Explosions 

  • Impacts with Animals

With comprehensive insurance, you’d need to choose a deductible, which is an amount of money you can pay comfortably when you want to file a claim.

Let’s say your car is vandalized during a protest. If the cost of repair is $3000 and the deductible is $500, you’ll pay the deductible of $500, and your insurance company pays the $2500 left.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is coverage that covers the cost of damages caused by a collision. The collision might be with another vehicle or a stationary object.

Let’s say you’re doing over 45 mph on a highway and dozed off for a split second. Suddenly, a truck is right in front of you. And if you swerve off the road, you'd hit a pole.

Whether you hit the truck or the pole, you qualify for a collision insurance coverage to repair or replace your vehicle.

Here are some scenarios covered by collision insurance.

  • You hit another vehicle.

  • You crash into a stationary object, e.g., pole, tree, building. 

  • You drive into a ditch.

  • Another vehicle hits your parked car.

As with comprehensive insurance, you also pay a deductible when filing a collision insurance claim.

Towing Insurance

Also known as roadside assistance, towing coverage covers the cost you incur when your vehicle breakdowns and leaves you stranded.

What happens when you unexpectedly have a flat tire, or you lock yourself out of your car, or your car gets stuck?

Towing insurance coverage can come to the rescue.

It typically covers:

  • Towing services to a specified distance 

  • Battery jump start

  • Locksmith services 

  • Flat tire changing 

  • Gas delivery

We hope you now know the differences. If you have further questions, let us know!

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