How to Home Inventory for Insurance

Keep Track of Your Stuff with Just a Few Clicks

Wish there was an easy way to keep track of what's in your home in case of an emergency? Now there is! Not only will this free software protect you and get your insurance claims settled faster but it's also fun and easy. Did we mention free? Here's just a few things this software will do for you:

  • Help you purchase enough insurance to replace the things you own.

  • Get your insurance claims settled faster.

  • Substantiate losses for your income tax return.


How it Works

Big Ticket Items

Make note of expensive items, such as jewelry, furs, and collectibles. Valuable items may need separate insurance. But, don't forget more commonplace items such as toys, CD's and clothing. 

Taking Photographs

Along with the written information, consider adding photographs of your possessions, which can be done easily with a digital camera. Those with film cameras can scan print photographs or have their film developer save the images to a disk. You can always simply store your print photographs with a copy of your inventory.

New features:

  • improved easy to use interface

  • open project from a CD

  • image/receipt export

  • auto focus on new item

  • receipt "yes" "no" check box including print

  • printing one room at a time

  • exterior household picture

  • general room pictures

  • sort rooms: drag and drop

  • sort items in the room: alpha-numeric, by price, by category

  • password protection

  • Excel export


Click here to download.

Videotape It
Walk through your house or apartment videotaping the contents. Remember to open drawers and closets. One advantage of videotape is that you can narrate what you are filming. 

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Upcoming features:

- online secure storage and file management for inventory files

Once you click on the download button, you will be prompted to either run or save the home inventory installation file. If you choose to run the software, the installation process will automatically begin. If you choose to save the file, you will have to run the file after it is saved. 

Minimum requirements: Windows XP, 2000, or MAC OS 10.3 or higher 

Note: Valid for the state of Ohio - Click here to download.