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Are you searching for comprehensive insurance agencies in Powell, OH, for auto, home, life, and more? At Rolland & Associates, we serve Powell, OH, and the surrounding regions with insurance policies that protect from liabilities and financial stress. Rolland & Associates' top priority is keeping your family, your home, and personal belongings safe. Our policies will cover you and your items that sustained severe weather damage to faulty appliances, theft, and more.

Our policies cover any personal liability, bodily damage, medical expenses, and more. The insurance experts at Rolland & Associates are dedicated to providing high-level service to every individual that walks through our doors. We are here to provide peace of mind and comprehensive protection. If you have questions about insurance and the different coverages that we offer, our staff is here. For a quote on our home insurance in Powell, OH, contact Rolland & Associates today! 

Value of insurance policies

Over time, accidents and incidents can arise, so it's important to be prepared. Each individual is different, and we have flexible policies and offer a wide range of protections. Below, we give insight into a few of the top reasons insurance coverage is essential.

1) Protection for you and

your family

Protecting your family is one of the highest priorities. Protecting your family can incorporate many different things such as automobile protection, home insurance, and more. With comprehensive insurance policies, you can ensure your family has the coverage that they need. 

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2) Peace of mind

Insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered and protected from any potential situation that can arise. With insurance, you can worry less by knowing that you will have financial backup, guidance, and support. 

3) Lessen financial stress

Financial stress can take its toll on anyone. From car accidents to home damage and more, these things can result in costly medical damages and other expenses. Insurance offers financial backup in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

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Our Mission Statement - It's More Than A Promise


Our mission is to provide customized, cost-effective insurance solutions to folks living in and around the Powell community, and to ensure those solutions evolve as our client’s lives and needs change over the years.  We believe a business is successful when its customers are happy and well-cared for, and we continually strive to reach that goal.


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