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B/ROSE Beauty

B/ROSE Beauty

Hello, we are Rebekah & Andi. We are passionate about coaching stylists to build their dream careers behind the chair and avoid burnout. As Stylists and business owners we believe that collaboration can be Magical! There is plenty of room in this industry for all stylists and salons to be successful. We do things a little differently — and we think you'll love it.

Our hair services are booked hourly. This means transparent pricing, one-on-one time with your stylist, and customized sessions.

B/ROSE is a co-space style salon. Stylists receive business coaching and support, while being free to build their own brand, schedule and clientele.

There are so many ways to give back to our community. Find out more about our partnerships with Make a Day, Green Circle Salons, and Aunt Flow.

50 S Liberty St, Ste 116
Powell, OH 43065
Phone: (614) 846-7673

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