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- Bob Rolland

Bob Rolland, CFP®, CIC, FSA is the founder of Rolland & Associates, and Rolland Advisory Solutions, with over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. Prior to opening his agency in 2005, Bob was Vice President at Nationwide Financial in charge of group retirement plan product management. Bob graduated from Denison University in 1980 obtaining his degree in mathematics and computer science. He also founded the Dana Foundation - a Foundation in his wife's name supporting women battling breast cancer. Dana’s passing in 2003 moved Bob away from corporate life, and created a passion for helping people address the uncertainties that life can present and create a secure financial future. Bob enjoys spending time at home with his wife Beth and their herd of horses and dogs, playing racquetball, and spending time with his two sons. He has lived in the Columbus area for his entire adult life.

Email Bob: rollanr1@nationwide.com

- Beth Rolland

Beth joined the agency in April 2009, and manages marketing and strategic planning for the business. Her background in riding, training and caring for horses helps her serve our clients who own and operate horse farms and related businesses. Beth has a BA in Psychology and an MBA from the Ohio State University, and volunteers with PBJ Connections, a non-profit that provides mental & behavioral health therapy for kids and families using horses.  Beth is also certified as an Equine Specialist to facilitate therapy sessions, and is grateful to be able to share the farm and horses with clients.

Email Beth: beth@rollandinsurance.net 

- Shelley Miller

Shelley joined the agency in September 2016.  She is licensed in Property/Casualty and has 20 years experience in the insurance industry.  Shelley graduated from Ohio University Lancaster in 2013 with an Associate Degree in social work, and has spent time working for Child Protection Services with foster teenagers.  She currently resides in Marion and has lived most of her life in Central Ohio.  She has a motorcycle license (but no motorcycle), and loves animals, especially dogs.

Email Shelley: shelley@rollandinsurance.net 

- Michele Fertig

Michele joined the agency in 2012 as an Associate Agent and Customer Service  Representative.  She has over 10 years insurance experience on the corporate side serving as an underwriter and marketing rep at various companies.  Her major from Miami University was in finance, and she also holds the CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter) designation.  She and her husband Mark enjoy spending time with their 2 dogs Colby and Laney.  They also make frequent trips to visit their children Alex, at the University of Rochester, and Lauren at the University of Pittsburgh.

Email Michele: michele@rollandinsurance.net