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Umbrella Insurance in Powell, OH

Accidents Happen. Unfortunately, so do Lawsuits. Make Sure You're Prepared.

Umbrella liability coverage from Rolland & Associates protects you and your lifestyle. Nobody wants or expects to be sued. But if you are held personally accountable and legally liable for certain injuries or property damage, we can help you be prepared. With our personal umbrella liability (PUL) insurance, you can give yourself the extra coverage you need.

Our PUL policy was designed with your best interest in mind. Take a look at some of the advantages that a PUL policy offers.

First, we've made it affordable so that protecting yourself doesn't mean going broke.

You can choose additional coverage from $1 to $5 million above the specified minimum liability limits that you can presently have with your auto and homeowners policies.


Whether you're found guilty or not, your PUL policy provides payment to find you an attorney and for legal expenses (up to your policy limits) incurred in your defense - when it's not provided in the liability coverage of your auto and homeowners protection.

It even provides optional umbrella coverage for you and your family if the other party is uninsured or has minimal coverage.

Today, the courts are awarding larger amounts than ever before in personal liability cases. The best way to be ready is with a PUL policy. But it also helps to understand some of the reasons a person could sue.


You could be legally liable for a number of things, including:

Understand the Risks.


Car accidents, despite contributing factors such as weather, unfamiliar roads, or driver experience.

Newly-Wed Couple Covered by Umbrella Insurance


Accidental falls on your property

Swimming pool accidents

Home playground mishaps


Accidents involving boat, ATV, snowmobile, jet ski or other watercraft

Golf course injuries


Libel and slander

Invasion of privacy

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