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7 Top Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

You are buying a new home and need homeowners insurance. You are also thinking long-term and are planning to secure your loved ones' future with life insurance.

Rather than filling out multiple forms online to compare rates, you can save yourself the stress and get many more benefits by working with an OH independent insurance agent.

More coverage options

Unlike captive agents who work for a single insurance company and can only offer a coverage plan from that insurer, independent agents provide a lot more options.

That's because they are not tied to a single company, giving them the freedom to shop around for the best coverage solutions that suit your particular needs.

Quality customer service

When it comes to insurance, quality customer service is everything. And that's exactly what you get working with an independent insurance agent.

When you have requests or concerns about your insurance, you don't have to wait several days, which can be frustrating. With an independent insurance agent, you are guaranteed a quick response. They are always at your service, from when you buy your policy to claims filing.

Help with the claims process

Want to submit a claim? The process can be overwhelming, but with the help of an independent insurance agent, you have little to worry about.

They will walk you through the steps and break down technical insurance terms, enabling you to avoid mistakes that can lead to claims denial. This ensures that your claim isn't just resolved quickly but that you also get a fair settlement.

In addition, independent insurance agents can use their knowledge of your policy and what it covers to spot tactics adjusters use to reduce or avoid a payout.

One-stop shop for insurance needs

Most times, a single company does not offer all insurance types, so you may have to look for different companies for your insurance needs. Working with an independent agent eliminates this hassle as they provide a diverse range of options.

Whether you need life, business owner’s policy, umbrella insurance, or insurance for your new car, you don't have to juggle multiple insurers - an independent agent can provide all your policies.

Personalized coverage

If you have a generic insurance policy and the worst occurs, you may have to bear the brunt of the damage. Working with an independent insurance agent ensures you are not left holding the bag in unfortunate situations.

Whether you own an RV or a commercial property or want to ensure your loved ones do not face financial hardship in the event of your death, they'll help review your assets and situation and recommend the right policy.

Changes in life situations, such as the birth of a new baby, marriage, or purchase of a new home, require an update in your coverage. An independent agent will ensure your coverage reflects your current life situation.

Lower rates

Aside from the multiple coverage options, you also save money. Insurance rates differ from one insurer to the other. For instance, company A's motorcycle insurance rates may be lower than company B's rates for the same level of protection.

Compared to a captive agent that can only give you the quotes of their company, independent agents get quotes from multiple insurers to ensure you get maximum protection at a very competitive rate.

Work with Ohio's best independent insurance agency

Now that you know an independent insurance agent has much more to offer than a single company, it's time to get started. Whether you need business or life insurance, Ohio's #1 independent insurance agency can help. Connect with an agent or request a quote today.



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