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How to Keep Your Home Protected During the Holidays

Keep your home safe from fire accidents

Candles are trendy during the holidays for special events like candle-lit dinners or to create a festive environment. However, candles can easily be knocked over and lead to fire outbreaks, especially in homes with kids. You can substitute LED light candles for traditional candles and minimize the risk of fire outbreaks while you enjoy your holidays.

Manage electrical cords and holiday lights

The holiday festivities aren't complete without the lights. However, it is important to observe safety measures as you enjoy your holiday traditions. Here are some tips for managing holiday lights and electrical cords:

  • Ensure that you choose safe lights for indoor decorations like flame-retardant lights and that they are correctly installed.

  • If you have kids and pets in your home, it's best to keep the lights high and out of their reach.

  • Do not use nails for hanging your lights, as they could damage the wire insulation on the light cords. Opt for insulated staples and hooks instead.

  • Don't connect too many lights to a circuit breaker to avoid overloading it

  • Make sure you turn off the light whenever you leave the house or go to bed.

  • Avoid using candles for tree decorations, as they can easily fall over and start a fire.

Use smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are great for helping you detect fires before they get out of hand and are important for your home. If you already have a smoke detector in place, it's always a good idea to change the batteries as we approach the holiday season to ensure that they are fully functional during the holidays.

Put safety measures in place if you plan to travel for the holidays

If you're planning to take a holiday trip, you must put measures in place to keep your home protected while you're away. Some safety tips include:

  • Install security cameras, preferably web-based ones, that allow you to keep tabs on your home while you're away.

  • If you usually leave a spare key under your mat, ensure it's removed before you leave for your holiday trip.

  • Ensure to turn off lights and other electronics before leaving, or you can put them on an automated timer while you're away.

Prepare your home when you have guests coming

It's not out of place to have guests over during the holidays. However, having more people in your home can make safety difficult, and accidents could land you a lawsuit. As much as we try to avoid disasters or accidents, they are not entirely avoidable, which is why getting liability or insurance coverage for such situations is essential.

Make sure your personal insurance policy is up to date

Ensure that your insurance policy is up to date and can cover the cost if needed. It's a great way to protect your home from incidents while keeping you at ease during the holidays. Reach out to us for an insurance policy that keeps your home and valuables protected at the most competitive pricing.



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