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Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter: Crucial Emergency Readiness Tips

Winter can be a challenging season for drivers, with snowstorms and icy roads making driving risky, so it's essential to be ready. Get your car ready for winter by following these essential emergency tips.

Pack a winter survival kit

Pack layers like blankets, hats, gloves, and socks to fend off the cold, and don’t forget to take along non-perishable food such as high-calorie snacks and bottled water for sustenance if you find yourself stuck. 

Also, you should have a first-aid kit ready with bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers for minor injuries. 

Ensure safety with essentials like a flashlight, flares, a cell phone charger, and jumper cables, and carry tools and traction aids like a shovel, traction mats, and a windshield scraper to handle slippery roads and regain control.

Get the correct car supplies

Swap your regular tires for winter ones that grip the snow and ice better, making your drive safer. Check and top off your fluids like antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, and engine oil while using winter-specific formulas for better results. 

Ensure your gas tank is at least half full to avoid running out of fuel during bad weather. Keep your brakes in good shape by inspecting the emergency brakes and getting them checked.

Listen to your car

Always pay close attention to your vehicle's signals for a smooth and safe drive. Be attentive to warning lights and any unusual sounds that may arise during your journey. 

Should you sense something isn't quite right, take the proactive step of promptly pulling over to a safe location and addressing the issue. 

By actively listening to your car, you prevent potential problems and ensure your safety on the road, fostering a reliable and secure driving experience.

Check your lights

Daylight hours are shorter during the winter, so you’ll drive through dark, slippery roads. Before you take your car out during the winter season, inspect lights for burned-out or weak bulbs and have them replaced. Also, make sure that the lights are free of snow or ice.  

Carry out car battery maintenance

Amid the frigid chill of the winter, your car battery will expend more energy to start the car. So, ensuring the battery is at optimum voltage and the connections are secure is essential.

If your battery is not fully operational, replace it to avoid a stalled car while you’re out in the cold.

Get the right insurance policy

Despite your keen attention to detail, certain unforeseen circumstances could result in complications or outright disasters for your car and everyone on board.

The best way to be prepared for such scenarios is to own the right auto insurance policy, which provides coverage for your vehicle and possibly a third party, depending on your needs.

Prepare to ride with confidence

At Rolland Insurance, we understand the unpredictability of travel scenarios during the winter and have the required experience to provide you with the best advice and policy.

Don't let winter catch you off guard; let us provide you with the right auto insurance policy. Contact us today to learn more.



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