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What If You Suddenly Need a Rental Car?

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, those surprises come in the form of an accident involving your car. While your trusty vehicle is undergoing repairs at an automotive workshop, the last thing you want to worry about is how to get around. That's where rental reimbursement comes in.

What is rental reimbursement?

Rental reimbursement is an optional add-on that pays for the cost of a rental if your car is being repaired for a covered claim, such as an accident, enabling you to continue your daily life uninterrupted. It is available only if you have a collision or comprehensive, not if you have liability coverage only. Although rental reimbursement doesn't have a deductible, there will be one on your comprehensive or collision coverage for your car to be fixed.

What does rental reimbursement cover?

Rental reimbursement only pays you the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being fixed after a covered claim. The instances of covered losses generally coincide with events included in your collision or comprehensive coverage, such as when you collide with another car or hit a tree.

Rental reimbursement can include different types of vehicles, depending on your policy's limits and preferences. For example, you may drive a minivan but have coverage allowing you to rent a bigger or more luxurious vehicle.

What rental reimbursement does not cover

Planning to rent a car for vacation? Rental reimbursement won't pay the costs. Also, if your car breaks down due to a mechanical issue or is at the auto repair shop for routine maintenance, rental reimbursement coverage will not apply. In addition, rental reimbursement doesn't pay for the cost of gas or deposits for the rental.

Daily and per-claim limits of rental reimbursement

When selecting your coverage, consider the rental car rates in your area and choose a daily limit that will adequately cover the cost of a suitable rental car. That's because a daily limit and the maximum number of days are typically outlined in your policy. For example, if your coverage has a $30 per day and $900 per limit, your insurer will reimburse you for up to $30 per day for 30 days and up to $900 per accident.

Get the lifeline and peace of mind that rental reimbursement offers

How would you cope if your car temporarily goes out of commission? With rental reimbursement, you won't have to worry. You can commute to work, get your children to school, attend social events, and run errands, just as you would if your car wasn't at the receiving end of life's surprises. Learn more about rental reimbursement today.



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