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What to do if you have a chip in your windshield?

You've probably had it happen...a rock flies up out of nowhere while you are driving along, it lands just right and suddenly there's a chip on the windshield! You know you have to get it fixed before it spreads so how do you go about that?

This one is actually pretty easy, all things considered. First, call your claims department. They'll typically ask how big the chip or crack is. In most cases, as long as it is smaller than a dollar bill, it can be repaired. Often times if it is bigger than that - you may have to replace the windshield.

Many of our carriers use Safelite and they are mobile and can come to you which makes it really convenient! Once Claims tells you who to call, make that call and they will go from there!

The good news is that windshield comprehensive claims will not affect your premium and doesn't hit your deductible either! There is no reason to not go ahead and get that chip repaired before it becomes a bigger headache.



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